Boy or a girl-which gender is harder to be raised right and why?

If you are a parent or know someone who is, this topic will definitely interest you. Many psychologists have tried to realize if it is harder to raise a boy or a girl, and here are the conclusions:


  1. Aggression. When it comes to aggression, boys are definitely the ones who ''win here''. Parents find it harder to calm their boys down.


  1. Opening up. Girls will open up to you way much more than boys will. Is that a good or a bad thing? It is actually great. Your boy will probably stay silent about his problems. In that case, you won't be so sure if he is doing okay and if someone is trying to hurt him. So, one more point for girls here.


  1. Puberty. Once the puberty strikes in, it definitely starts to be harder to raise a girl right. Here, we may also find social media and mass media guilty at least for a little bit. Girls become very obsessive with their looks, and that is the period when many of them get some eating disorders. Parents who both have sons and daughters have claimed how the puberty was harder for girls (and for them, right?).


  1. Expectations. Here, we will talk about what society expects to see from boys and girls once they start growing up. Boys need to be strong, educated, to have a good job, to take care of their family, while girls need to be good mothers, to have a nice salary, to be pretty or you name it. These are, of course, not my standards. It seems like how parents think that both for boys and girls this is hard to achieve.


Overall, both genders are not easy to be raised right. Both boys and girls have their ups and downs, the only difference is the age when those happen.

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