What are the topics you MUST talk about with your partner before getting married?

The truth is, there are more and more couples nowadays that get divorced. That is not just my opinion, that is what the statistics show us. Want to prevent that? Do you love your future husband/wife so much that you cannot think about you two getting separated like ever? Excited about your big day? Be sure that you talk about these topics before you get married, because in the other case, you may end up divorced. We are here to help you prevent that! Let's see what do we have here!


  1. Children. Do you want to have children or not? This is a very important topic to talk about. Do you have enough money to cover pregnancy and labor costs? How about the cost of a baby? What will be your parenting style-democratic or strict? I know, this may sound like too many questions, but believe me, all these are of a great matter.


  1. Money. How will you two manage your budget? Do you like to save money or do you like to spend a lot? Be sure to talk about this before you two get married.


  1. Religion. What are your religious beliefs? The truth is, your religious beliefs don't need to be the same, but you must respect each other's opinions. Also, keep in mind how one day (if you both want to have children), you will have to share your beliefs and traditions with them.


  1. Lifestyle. What your lifestyle looks like? Do you like to go out a lot? Or do you prefer spending your time home with family? This is very important to consider.


Overall, one serious conversation is needed before you two get married. This may sound like a lot of questions, but I am sure how you two have already talked about at least some already. Good luck!

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